Trust Our Team for Holistic Dentistry in Roswell, GA

Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body, and no one understands that better than our team. Dr. Blankenship-Sniker is a member of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health, and she prioritizes holistic dentistry in Roswell, GA. Patients who long for a more natural approach to dental care will appreciate how we:

  • Prioritize the body/mouth connection
  • Protect patients from harmful chemicals
  • Create space for a holistic approach to dentistry
  • Listen carefully to patients and respond to their concerns

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Natural Dental Solutions for Every Patient

We believe in empowering patients to choose care that works for their needs. For many of our patients, that means prioritizing a holistic approach to care, especially dentistry. Research shows time and again that what is good for your mouth is good for your body, and vice versa. We do our part by providing treatment that you can trust, such as:

  • Risewell Toothpaste/Mouthwash – Risewell creates fluoride-free, mineral based toothpaste and mouthwashes that clean effectively without the toxins found in regular toothpaste.
  • SillHa Oral Wellness Testing – This in-office, 5-minute, saliva test will help determine the breakdown of bacteria, pH, and more found in your mouth. We use this information to provide precise treatment options and direction based on your unique oral environment.
  • Mercury-Free Fillings – We will restore decay in your teeth using natural materials that blend in with the rest of your smile.
  • Nutrition Counseling – Your diet plays a huge role in your overall and oral health. We can help you determine if nutritional changes are needed to improve your oral health.
  • Sleep Apnea Counseling and Devices – Your quality of sleep is an important factor when considering your overall health. If you are suffering from sleep apnea, we can help with non-invasive treatment options.
  • Coconut Oil Floss – Rather than using wax-coated, forever-chemical floss, we offer a natural alternative that is covered in coconut oil for tremendous results without the risk.

Call 770-670-4753 today to schedule your next dental appointment. We are happy to team up with our patients as we embrace holistic dentistry in Roswell, GA.